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italicx asked:

When it comes to beautiful words in Swedish I think that 'fjäril' (butterfly) is the most beautiful. But also 'fiol'. As a Swede I find it weird that there's people out there who likes Swedish, haha. What's your favourite word? :)


Of course there are people that like Swedish, why wouldn’t there be? :) I really like the word “fjäril” as well. It’s very pretty, as are butterflies.

Swedish is such a beautiful language, so I can’t exactly narrow it down to one favorite word. If I had to pick, though, I think the word “snygg” is my favorite. I use it as a code-word between my friend and I to talk about cute guys and it’s in my regular, everyday vocabulary. I’ve said it so much, I think I’ve perfected that word by now. It’s very fun to say, too. “Snygg”

(I just want to add, my least favorite word has to be “kolla”. It looks so simple but I’m still trying to figure out how to pronounce it without sounding like an idiot lol)

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